Vaccine Passport for Safe Access

VaccPass offers a vaccine passport to encourage people to get vaccinated and help boost our economy by enabling businesses to safely reopen.

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Vaccination Passport Scanner App

How VaccPass Works

VaccPass is an app that allows people to connect their Apple Health data to verify that they have been vaccinated. While we think this will obviously be a tremendous help in encouraging COVID-19 vaccinations, this will also be able to be used going forward to confirm your patrons have had other vaccines if they are required.

How VaccPass Works

Validated with EMR

Once the app is downloaded, VaccPass requests access to view your immunizations in Apple Health. Since Apple Health connects directly with your EMR, we use it as the safeguard to ensure this is only being populated from a verified source. Your vaccinations will automatically be pulled into VaccPass and your pass will be created.

Built for Quick Access

Whenever you are ready to use your VaccPass for entry or access, simply tap the button and a unique VaccPass code will be generated for use. This is a unique code generated each activation to ensure authenticity.

Privacy Matters

Your health data is just that; YOURS. We don’t store or share your data. Period. Your immunizations are never passed to a third party. All the VaccPass Scanner app is doing is validating a success or failure - your data is not being shared or stored at this point.

VaccPass Scanner App

The VaccPass Scanner app gives a business or event owner the ability to ensure their patrons have been vaccinated.

How VaccPass Scanner works

Whenever someone arrives, simply open the VaccPass Scanner, select which vaccines you need to scan for, and scan their VaccPass. That’s it! Once it’s scanned, you will see whether or not they are vaccinated or not and can modify access accordingly.

Built with the Safety of Your Staff and Customers in Mind

We think this could be an incredibly valuable tool to business and events who have had to make considerable modifications to their operations to ensure the safety of their employees and patrons. If you could ensure that all your attendees were vaccinated, why couldn’t you operate at full capacity? What a wonderful incentive to encourage vaccination as well.

VaccPass Scanner App

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